The Day in Tech History is a rundown of techology history. Day in Tech History is a subsidiary of Geekazine.com. Host Jeffrey Powers is a technology expert that has been building desktops and servers for almost 20 years.

Day in Tech History started in 2008 as the “Week in Tech History”. In 2009, Jeffrey changed the blog and podcast to a daily format and Day in Tech History was born.

About the Podcast

DITH podcast has been in production since August 10, 2009. The Podcast runs down all aspects of technology history, along with some geek and science history.

Milestones of Day in Tech History

On May 5, 2012, Day in Tech History celebrated it’s 1,000 podcast

How Data is Collected

Back in 2005, Jeffrey Powers began collecting and cataloging technology history. Using website information, he has put together a comprehensive list – found at the Day in Tech History Wiki page

Contributing to the Wiki page

If you would like to help add or change item to the Day in Tech History Wiki page, please Contact me.

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About the Author

I love tech history. I enjoy how we evolved from computers that fill a room to computers we wear on our bodies. I have put a full archive of tech history together at Wikazine. You can also talk history at Google +. I am also a podcaster and V-caster at Geekazine and a Podcast Coach at How to Record Podcasts. You can also sign up for a Helpout