August 7: Palm Debuts Palm m100 line

Palm M-100

August 7, 2000: Palm M-100 released

Palm introduced a couple new devices in 2000, They beefed up the Palm V line with the Palm Vx and Palm VIIx. The company, however, decided to retire the Palm III line and start Palm m100. They debuted the 16MHz model with Palm OS 3.5 and a 2″x2″ monochrome LCD display for $149.The Palm VIIx was $449 and the Vx was $399.

Eventually, Palm was bought out by HP where it was used and discarded. WebOS software is now Open source.

Full Day in Tech History podcast show notes for August 7

  • IBM introduces the ASCC
  • First Satellite photos of Earth were taken
  • Apple releases the PowerMac G5

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