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January 19, 2012: MegaUpload Taken Down, 1983: Apple Lisa Introduced

Apple Lisa

Apple Lisa



2012 - Federal prosecutors shut down the file-sharing site People that visited the site saw a FBI Anti-piracy takedown notice. The seized website mentions MegaUpload was accused of conspiracy to commit racketeering, conspiracy to commit copyright infringement, conspiracy to commit money laundering and criminal copyright infringement.

2013 – Kim Dot Com starts the website “Mega”

1983 - at an introductory price of $9995, Apple introduces the Lisa computer – the first computer with a GUI (Graphical User Interface). The computer featured a 5 MHz 68000 microprocessor, 1 MB RAM, 12″ monochrome monitor, dual 5.25″ 860 KB floppy drives, a 5 MB hard drive and more. Lisa cost Apple Computer US$50 million to develop. The software for it cost Apple Computer US$100 million to develop.“Lisa” is an acronym for Local Integrated Software Architecture.

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  • I Love Lucy gave birth on TV
  • First IBM PC virus was “the Brain”
  • New York sets up 911 to accept photos from cell phones.

August 2: Apple Mighty Mouse Release, Controversy

Mighty Mouse

August 2, 2005: Apple Mighty Mouse released

The Apple Mighty Mouse was first released in 2005. It was the first mouse since Apple Lisa that had multi-button functionality. A $49 price tag made it a real addition to your machine.However, this mouse was not without controversy. Another company – Called “Man and Machine” – created a mouse for the medical field. It was also given a trademark for the Mighty Mouse name a year before Apple. Yet Apple still received a Trademark for the mouse.

Now some may say “What about the mouse that saves the day”. According to trademark laws, their trademark was for a cartoon character, whereas Apple and Man and Machine made a mouse.

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  • IBM introduces the 370 series
  • SGI switches to Intel chips
  • The Ionizer is arrested
  • Google Surpassed Apple as top global brand

May 15: Last Lisa Mac XL Produced

Apple Lisa

May 15, 1985: The Last Apple Lisa is completed

1985 - The last Lisa Mac XL computer rolls off the assembly line. It was first introduced on Jan 19th, 1983 for $9,995. Sun remarketing purchased about 5,000 Macintosh XLs and upgraded them. Some leftover Lisa computers and spare parts are still available today.

Full Day in Tech History podcast show notes for May 15

  • The First McDonalds
  • The Love Bug strikes
  • Carl Icahn officially launches a Proxy fight against Yahoo
  • CBS Acquired CNet