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June 29: Apple Releases 1st Gen iPhone (EDGE)

iPhone 1st Gen

iPhone 1st Gen

2007 - Apple stores open for the hundreds of people standing in line to get the 1st generation iPhone (aka iPhone EDGE). It was the first Smartphone with a multi-touch interface. 4 GB and 8 GB models on AT&T’s network running EDGE. Jobs later stated he didn’t put 3G into the phone because it took way too much battery life to run. The phone had an ARM1176JZF at 620 MHz and 128 MB of RAM.

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  • Compuserve acquires TheSource, a major competitor
  • Gigabit Ethernet standard is set
  • Max Butler pleads guilty to stealing 2 million credit cards

May 19: Apple III (aka “Apple Failure III”)

Apple III

May 19, 1980: Apple “Failure” III was released

1980 – The machine was code named “Sara”. It was the Apple III and was planned to be the successor to the Apple II. However, the machine had enough failures that Apple had to re-launch this computer in August. Therefore, it was refered to as “Apple Failure III”. Then IBM came out with the PC and Apple switched gears with their Macintosh line. Apple III saw modest numbers before it was retired on April 24th, 1984.

Full Day in Tech History podcast show notes for May 19

  • Star Wars Episode I
  • Apple opens the first Apple Stores
  • Intel debuts the pineview Atom chip