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March 14, 1988: Rick Rolled – Never Gonna Give You Up hits Number 1

Rick Astley

March 14, 1988: Rick Astley hits #1

Happy National Pi Day – The celebration of 3.14

1988 - It’s the song that found it’s rebirth and the term “Rick Rolled” became a urban saying. Of course, we are talking about Rick Astley and the song: Never Gonna Give You Up. It hit #1 on the charts. Of course, it’s internet fame has turned this into a whole new beast.

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  • Microsoft releases XBox in Europe
  • NEC announces they will be getting into the computer market
  • Apple releases the Power Macintosh computer

February 28, 1966: Right to Privacy (Feb 29, 1996: Atari Moves Offices )


February 28, 1966: FCC creates Right to Privacy

During non-leap years, this Day in Tech History episode will be for the 28th and 29th.

1966 (Feb 28) – With all these ways to listen in on a conversation, the FCC has to make a ruling to protect the rights of US citizens. They create the Right to Privacy act which bands evesdropping or direct and indirect use of radio – controlled devices.

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  • M*A*S*H*  broadcasts the final episode
  • PeopleSoft reorganizes

January 31, 1996: Corel Acquired WordPerfect

Corel WordPerfect

January 31, 1996: Corel buys WordPerfect

1996 - Corel not only gets WordPerfect form Novell, but also Quattro Pro for $180 million in stock and cash. Michael Cowpland (Founder of Corel) called WordPerfect the “Pepsi to Microsoft’s Coke”. I guess that was not the case as OpenOffice (RC maybe?) surpassed WordPerfect users.WordPerfect and Corel have been in flux since 2006, when Vector Capital purchased 72% of the company. Just this last year, they bought up the remaining stock and became privately held once again.

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  • Mistrial in WordPerfect antitrust case against Microsoft (
  • January 15: Ralph Baer Patents First Video Game (

January 24, 1996: RemoteAccess BBS Released to Public

Remote Access BBS

Remote Access BBS

RemoteAccess BBS is a DOS Bulletin Board System. It’s software was written by Andrew Milner. RemoteAccess was released as shareware and did a crude version of Multitasking.

The final version of RA was released in 1996 (with a Y2K fix in 2000). At that time BBS were being switched to Internet protocol systems like online forums.

1994 – Apple released the Macintosh computer. Marketed as Mac, Steve Jobs brought it in with an Amazing Superbowl commercial behind it. The Macintosh 128K brought the graphical user interface and mouse into home and business computing.

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  • IBM Selective Sequence Electronic Calculator (SSEC) a.k.a “the Poppa” is dedicated
  • Microwave Oven is patented
  • Gary McKinnon won right to judicial review
  • Apple introduces a floppy drive for the Lisa computer

January 17, 1882: Carbon Microphone for Telephone

Thomas Alva Edison

Thomas Alva Edison

1882 - Thomas Edison created more tech history when he was granted a patent for the carbon microphone for the telephone. The carbon was in between two cups and attached to the mouthpiece. The diaphragm would change pressure, causing the carbon to be pushed upon. That would send electric current to the other end – which would transpose it back to audio.

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Other Historical Events in Technology

  • The infamous “Apple Ad” shows up in movie theatres
  • IBM charged with the Sherman Antitrust Act
  • Apple reaches an “out of court” settlement with NeXT
  • Co-Founder Jerry Yang Steps down from Yahoo!
  • In protest to SOPA, many websites blacked out their web pages.

January 14, 1914: First Assembly Line Ford Model T Car

Ford Model T

Ford Model T

1914 – Although the Model T has been around since 1908, the first Ford Model T that was made on an assembly line was completed. This, of course, brought a new wave to the Auto and manufacturing industries. Ford has since been a leader in cars in the US.Interesting side-note: Henry Ford was on the cover of Time Magazine on Jan 14, 1935.

Wikazine – Full show notes for January 14

  • Intel 2.4 GHz processor
  • IBM Data 360
  • Nortel files Chapter 11

December 12: Apple Files Initial Public Offering


1980 - Apple Computer goes up for their Initial Public Offering and makes a statement in the market. Using the symbol “AAPL“, Apple shares started at $22 – but sell out within minutes. By the end of the day, shares rose to $29. The market value became 1.8 Billion, which, in turn, made employees and investors pretty rich – Steve Jobs reports $217 Million, being the largest shareholder. It beat out Ford Motor when it went IPOV (IPO Viral).

This Day in Tech History podcast show notes for December 12

  • OSCAR I goes into orbit
  • Christopher Cockerell patents the Hovercraft
  • FidoNet #1 Hard drive failure
  • is hacked and full email, password information was up on the Pirate Bay

July 23: First Car Ever, First Model A Seventeen Years Later

Gottlieb Daimler Car

Gottlieb Daimler Car

Back in 1886, Gottlieb Daimler gets into his new invention. It looks like a horse-drawn buggy, but it has a one cylinder 1.1 HP engine mounted in the back seat. The first car got up to 16 km/h
Seventeen years later, in 1903, Ford Motor company sells it’s first car. A Model A to Dr. Ernst Pfenning of Chicago. It was a twin cylindar combustion engine.

Full Day in Tech History podcast show notes for July 23

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  • IBM goes Open-Source
  • Palm launches the Tungston T2
  • Commodore unveils the Amiga 1000