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March 21, 1994: Novell Acquires Corel WordPerfect, Quattro Pro


March 21, 1994: Novell purchases Quattro Pro and WordPerfect

1994- Novell purchases Quattro Pro (spreadsheet program) and WordPerfect (Word document editor) for $145 million. However, the company ended up selling both software programs to Corel in 1996. Corel continues to update and sell WordPerfect Office x6 – with Quattro Pro in the Professional edition.

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February 12, 2001: Anna Kournikova Virus Hits Internet


February 12, 2001: Anna Kournikova Virus hits

2001- Jan de Wit – a.k.a. “OnTheFly” sends out an email stating that it is a picture of the famous tennis player. Of course it turned out to be a a Worm that takes down tens of thousands of computers. Most companies will shut off their email to the world just to prevent from getting it. De Wit would then be arrested two days later and sentenced to 150 hours community service.

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February 5, 1999: First Major Webcast in Victoria’s Secret

Victoria's Secret Webcast

February 5, 1999: Victoria’s Secret Webcast drew 1.5 million

1999 - Victoria’s Secret holds their annual fashion show after dealing with the networks for the last 10 years. The event attracts attention – 1.5 million visitors to be exact in 90 countries. The company uses the same idea the next year to rousing success. This was considered the first Major Successful webcast.

Ads were run on Wall Street Journal, New York Times and other print publications. However, it was the ad spot on the Superbowl that would cause the uproar. Within minutes of the commercial airing, 1 million people logged onto the site – causing it to crash. This is pre- iPad or even pre-laptop for most so they had to move to where their computers were. The ad said:

The Broncos won’t be there. The Falcons won’t be there. You won’t care. Victoria’s Secret fashion show LIVE in 72 hours

Because of the number of viewers, many were denied access simply because there wasn’t server space. Something Victoria’s Secret addressed the next year. They went with Akamai for the event.

This also showed that not only that webcasts can be successful, but we are also ushering in a new age of viewing.

Victoria’s Secret went back to Network television in 2001 (ABC). Even though the numbers were good, they didn’t match the 12 million viewers ABC brought to the table.

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