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February 25, 2002: Gigabyte, Female Hacker of Sharpei, C#

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February 25, 1999 – hacker Gigabyte hacks C# language

1999Microsoft’s newest programming language at the time – C# (pronounced “C-Sharp”) was hacked on this day. The perpetrator was a seventeen year old female hacker from Belgium, calling herself “Gigabyte”.

2002 – Gigabyte posts the source code to the virus on her website. Kim Vanvaeck would be arrested in 2004 for writing the malicious code. The reason why she did it?

I want to let people (and especially guys) know there ARE girls out there who like computers and for more than games. I think that’s quite important … for all girls out there who know something about computers but are surrounded by guys who think they’re all stupid..

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  • IBM releases Object REXX
  • Macbook Pro with Multitouch trackpad

February 7, 2000: Mafiaboy DDos on Yahoo, 6 Other Web Sites

Michael Demon Calce - aka Mafiaboy

February 7, 2000: Michael Demon Calce – aka Mafiaboy – runs DDos

2000 - 10:15 AM, Mafiaboy – Michael Demon Calce, a 16 year old hacker from Canada – targets 7 sites with a Distributed Denial of Service attack (DDoS). Amazon, Buy.com, CNN, eBay, E*E*Trade, MSN and ZDNet are all affected. Mafiaboy would be sentenced to eight months in a youth detention center for this DDoS.

The project was called Rivolta (riot in Itallian). Yahoo! was his first target.

Calce later said he downloaded the application but didn’t realize he ran it so he went to school. When he came back his computer was crashed and he had no idea what happened.

Wikazine – Full show notes for February 7

  • 1983 – Atari Sues Coleco
  • Gary Kasparov and Deep Junior 7 end in a tie
  • the Cell Processor

January 18, 1990: Chicago Raid of PHRACK, Knight Lightning

Craig Neidorf

Craig Neidorf

1990 – The Chicago Task raids the home of Craig Neidorf – A.K.A. Knight Lightning. The group, along with Bellsouth, are looking for information on an article published in the hacker rag “PHRACK – Control Office Administration of Enhanced 911 Service”. The article was written by “the Eavesdropper” and contained information that was obtained by documents stolen from Bellsouth.

The group doesn’t have a warrant, but when they show up the next day with one, Neidorf’s hard drive comes up missing. Craig will then be arrested for tampering.

Wikazine – Full show notes for January 18


December 13, 1982: Atari 1200XL Released



1982 – After a decent success of the Atari 400/800 line the company noticed the console was looking a little “old”. After all, the Atari 400 actually discolors upon UV light. The 400′s non-tactile keyboard was replaced with the 800′s raised key keyboard. Still, Atari felt they needed to bring this personal computer into the 80′s.Therefore, the 1200XL was born. It was a hybrid computer – using what they called “Sweet 16″ – a byte language developed by Steve Wozniak.  It was to manipulate 16-bit pointer data from an 8-bit system.

The Atari 1200XL also featured 64 KB of RAM and a redesigned cable port and keyboard layout. Unfortunately the community felt the 1200XL was poorly designed for certain ports were in the wrong place. There was also a color enhancement feature that couldn’t be used because it wasn’t connected to the monitor port.

The Atari 1200XL was $599.99

This Day in Tech History podcast show notes for December 13

  • Charles Dickens publishes A Christmas Carol
  • Cyrix files lawsuits over others who were using their patented technologies
  • Symantec licenses Java from Sun Microsystems.

September 17: DITH Episode #1500, 2008: Sarah Palin’s Email Hacked

2009 – On August 10, 2009, I switched the show from a weekly to daily format. Working out a podcast that was going to publish a new episode 365 days a year was a struggle, but after 4 years of doing it, its become a lot easier.Today marks the 1,500th podcast episode of the Day in Tech History. It hits a very important milestone; this is the only podcast that has been putting out a new episode daily for 1500 days straight!

The next milestone will be January 29th, 2015 when Day in Tech History hits the 2,000 episode mark.

Thanks for everyone that has listened to the podcast and even participated. Its a fun ride and the rides’ not over yet!

Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin

2008 -Sarah Palin succumbed to a hacker in a different way – through her Yahoo! email. The infiltrator gained access by using common information to reset the password. David Kernell then posted her email and new password on 4chan.org under the alias “Rubico”. It showed that by using common information to set up an account, it could also turn into a “back door” for someone who would know that information.

This Day in Tech History podcast show notes for September 17

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  • Yahoo purchases Zimbra
  • Motorola enters into Mac Clone market
  • AT&T phones shut down NYC