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March 7, 1933: Monopoly Game First Created

First Monopoly Board

March 7, 1933: The First Monopoly Board

1933- Charles Darrow creates the game Monopoly, with designers Elizabeth Magie, Louis Thun, and Fred Thun. There were a few other board games before Monopoly, like “The Landlord game“, which Monopoly was loosely derived from. The board is based on Atlantic City and the playing pieces were models from items around Charles Darrow’s’ house. Parker Brothers would pick the game up in 1935 and turn it into a household name.Since then, multiple variations of the board game have been introduced. Everything from Star Wars Monopoly to Bratz Jr Monopoly game. The game has gone through many revisions, and some families have made “unofficial rules” – such as what happens when you land on Free Parking.

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  • Richard Wittman Jr. admits breaking into NASA
  • Sony announces release of Linux development kit for Playstation 2
  • Intel gives computers, internet to employees for free.

December 8, 2004: IBM sells PC’s, Laptops to Lenovo



2004 - It was an interesting day in the Tech community when we heard the news. IBM was getting out of the desktop and laptop markets and focus on server and infrastructure. They started by selling all their assets to Lenovo – China’s largest computer manufacturer. Lenovo wasn’t a household name in the US, but this pretty much changed that overnight.The deal was for $650 million in cash and $600 million in stock. Lenovo would also acquire $500 million in IBM liabilities, which would put the total to $1.75 billion. In return, Lenovo would instantly become the 3rd largest PC vendor with $12 billion in revenue, not to mention major markets in both China and the U.S.

This Day in Tech History podcast show notes for December 8

  • RCA demonstrates Split Screen technology for the first time.
  • Patent for Coaxial cable
  • Atari sues Coleco, Coleco sues back.