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September 23, 2002: Firefox (Phoenix 0.9) Browser Released


2002 - Mozilla releases Phoenix 0.1, the first release of what will become Firefox. The browser will change names because of trademark issues with Phoenix technologies. The initial first release of Firefox, though will be released on Nov. 9, 2004

This Day in Tech History podcast show notes for September 23

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  • Yahoo Instant Messanger 9.0
  • Morse Code alphabet is invented
  • Nintendo Koppai is founded (later renamed to Nintendo)

July 12: Etch A Sketch Debuts in the US

Etch A Sketch

July 12, 1960: Etch A Sketch Debuts in US

It is the famous drawing tool that became a cult classic. A toy that is as collectable as the LEGO or Star Wars memorabilia. The Etch A Sketch was first brought out on shelves in 1960. Of course, since then it has taken it’s popularity to many levels. Some people create masterpieces, while others just play with the dials. I have an Etch A Sketch attached to a pencil, but it’s size is about the same as an iPad or other Tablet.Full Day in Tech History podcast show notes for July 12

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