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November 27, 1998: Sega Dreamcast Launches in Japan

Sega Dreamcast

Sega Dreamcast

1998Sega releases their next generation console – the Dreamcast – in Japan. It didn’t get released in the US until Sept 9 1999, but it was one of the more successful console launches of it’s time.The Dreamcast had a 200 MHz processor with on-die 128-bit vector graphics engine. The graphics hardware is a PowerVR2 CLX2 chipset, sound was a Yamaha AICA Sound Processor and 16 MB 100 MHz RAM.

The Dreamcast was discontinued on Jan 31, 2001 as Sega announced they were getting out of the console market.

This Day in Tech History podcast show notes for November 27

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November 1, 1995: IBM PCjr, Pentium Pro Introduced

Intel Pentium Pro

Intel announced in 1995 the next generation processor – the Pentium Pro. Unlike the Pentium, the Pentium Pro was a chip designed for 32-bit architecture, so Windows 95 and Windows NT could run true.  The processor ran between 150-200 MHz, with a bus speed of 60 MHz (for 150 or 180 MHz processor) or 66MHz (for 166 or 200 MHz processor). The processor used a .35 micron process and prices started at $974 to $1989.

This Day in Tech History podcast show notes for November 1

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