May 7: Intel Pentium II: Slot 1 Processor

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May 7, 1997: Intel releases the Pentium II – Slot 1 processor

1997 - Intel changes the processor game a bit with the Pentium II processor. Starting at speed of 200 MHz / 66 MHz bus, the proc had a new design. What was called “Slot 1″ processor, Intel got away from the pin architecture to a card slot. You would insert the PII to the slot just like you would memory, an ISA or PCI card.

What was Code-named Klamath, the processor incorporated 7.5 million transistors using 0.35 micron process technology, contained a 512kB Level-2 external cache,  performs at 613 MIPS (300 MHz), and is able to address 64GB of memory. MMX instruction was included on the processor. Prices started at $636  for 233 MHz, $775 for 266 MHz and US$1981 for 300 MHz).

Full Day in Tech History podcast show notes for May 7

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