August 12, 1981: First IBM PC Rolled Out


August 12, 1981: IBM brought the PC to customers

It was 1981 when IBM rolled out the first PC model 5150. Of course they had other computers, but nothing that targeted the home market as the PC would. The 5150 contained a 4.7 MHz processor, 16k or RAM and 40 k of ROM. All for $1,565. If you wanted to customize, well, get out the check book – that will cost you $6000.Each PC came with Microsofts’ CP/M Operating System.

“We intend the IBM Personal Computer to be the most useful system of its kind,” C. B. Rogers, Jr., IBM vice president and group executive, General Business Group said. “Besides making it easy to set up and operate, we are offering a program library that we expect will grow with the creativity of the Personal Computer users.”

The 5150 was sold through Computerland and Sears retail chains. You would also be able to get the computer through IBM Product Centers. The basic system would cost your $1,565.

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