November 15, 1971: Intel Announced the 4004 Microprocessor

Intel 4004 processor

1971 – Intel announced the 4004 microprocessor in an ad in Electronic News Magazine. Intel called it a micro-programmable computer on a chip, this was the first single-chip processor. It was also concidered to be the precursor to the x86 processor. The 4004 was followed with the 8008, 8080 and 8085 processors. Federico Faggin was the chip lead designer. He holds 2 of the chip’s patents.The 4004 could run 60,000 interactions per second (0.06 MIP). The clock rate on the chip was 108 KHz and was accompanied by the Intel RAM chip. It only cost $200. The chip made it’s debut on March 2, 1973 – More information on the Intel 4004

This Day in Tech History podcast show notes for November 15

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Intel 4004 Ad

Intel 4004 Advertisement in Electronic News

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