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November 20, 1963: Term Hacking Defined

1963- 0|| 7|-|1$ d4’/, 7|-|3 //0rD “|-|4><0r1||9″ //4$ U$3D 1|| 4|| 1$$U3 0Ph “7|-|3 73(|-|”, //|-|1(|-| 1$ 4 //4$$4(|-|U$377$ 1||$717U73 0Ph 73(|-|||0L09’/ ||3//$P4P3r.What, you can’t read that? Oh. O.K. On this day, the word “hacking” was used in an issue of “the tech”, which is a massachusetts institute of technology newspaper. Here is a snippet of the article: Many telephone services have been curtailed because of so-called hackers, according to Prof. Carlton Tucker, administrator of the Institute phone system… Basically, hackers were tying up phone lines between Harvard and MIT. This Day in Tech History podcast show notes for November 20...